Building A Brand Advantage

Creating a Hawai‘i-Based Brand Center

A well known maxim suggests that "Products are made in a factory. Brands are made in the minds of the customers." In other words, one product is just like any other product until the customers can be convinced otherwise. It is in the process of creating and defining this perception that products establish their identity, singularity, and distinction.

Info Grafik's approach to establishing such a long-term advantage for Hawai‘i companies is based upon the following concepts:

  1. The need to clearly define a distinct Hawaii-based personality that will maximize the almost mythic connotative value that a Hawai‘i brand commands. This is true for companies doing business locally as well as those selling Hawai‘i to the world.
  2. This innate equity must be rigorously pursued to counter and out-position the immediate competitive set.
  3. The brand of a business emerges from the unique interpretation of what a Hawaiian company is, and what it means. Building this story and telling it convincingly and consistently provides the challenge.
  4. Once this singularity has been established, it becomes possible to articulate a consistent and powerful promise and maintain a position of strength in your industry.
Building and re-engineering Hawai‘i brands are a task for which Info Grafik is uniquely designed.

The ability to anticipate and further enhance a customers preconceived perception creates a long term strategic identification advantage, whether you sell potato chips or hotel rooms.