The following projects are suggestive of Info Grafik's work within the context of relevant business and branding issues. The case studies vary widely in how they were conceived and nurtured, but each demonstrates how a lively and appropriately distinct brand identity is developed at Info Grafik.

Selected Case Studies

Aloha Airlines Aloha Airgroup: A New Identity Based on the Most Visible Asset
Info Grafik was approached for the purpose of building a comprehensive new brand identity based on the jet. A logo was created that promoted a sense of fluidity, substance, and power. As part of the job, a complementary identity for Island Air, the prop plane sister company to Aloha, was also rendered.
  Canoe Clothing Company Canoe Clothing Company: Build a Brand From The Ground Up
Fashion is a highly competitive industry that establishes advantage by building a unique image. Starting with the logo, Info Grafik designed the packaging, advertising, and the retail exterior and interior into a cohesive and evocative brand image.

Coco Palms Coco Palms - Island of Kauai The Coco Palms in it's heyday was famous around the world for it's legendary hospitality, rituals and festivities. Hurricane Iniki swept through Kauai in 1992 and the hotel closed down. In 2006 we were retained to help with the relaunch of the resort.   Ferarro Choi Architects Ferarro Choi Architects
When Japanese tourists deplane, they are often taken to briefing rooms where they learn about the different activities available. The brief was to design a series of signs that would excite them about their recreational possibilities.

Frito Lay of Hawai‘i Frito Lay of Hawai‘i
The Maui Style Potato Chip was losing steam in the face of new competitive pressures. Info Grafik developed a new brand personality and applied it across an expanded product line.
  Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms Ka‘anapali Coffee Farms A unique approach to preserving agriculture and open space just minutes above world famous Ka‘anapali Resort.

Nature Conservancy of Hawai‘i Nature Conservancy of Hawai‘i An important part of Info Grafik's DNA is our commitment to serving and helping to improve the community we live in. We have worked with the Nature Conservancy of Hawaii since 1991 to provide them with high-end communication pieces on a modest budget.   Olowalu Town Olowalu Town
We've been working with Dave Ward and Bill Frampton on Maui for the past two years on the community-based planning effort to create a sustainable small for Maui's families. To learn more about the effort to inform and involve the people of Maui in process and it's results click here.

SuperGeeks SuperGeeks The Geeks have grown up and their brand identity needed to grow and evolve with them. We're in the process of doing that. Find out more.   Visual Identities Visual Identities
An overview of some of the identities Info Grafik has created over the years.