History of Info Grafik

Info Grafik is a specialized consulting firm that provides Hawai‘i-style brand image development and management for large and small businesses. Info Grafik helps clients shape the perception of their organizations and products by developing comprehensive communications strategies and marketing identity systems.

Over the past 22 years, Info Grafik has emerged as one of the most innovative and successful communication and design firms in the state. Founded in 1985 by Oren Schlieman, the company began as a small studio serving the needs of budding entrepreneurs in the retail, fashion and services industries. The notoriety brought by Info Grafik's award winning solutions and its uniquely comprehensive approach soon began to draw the attention of Hawaii's larger corporations. Today, we serve a range of corporate clients from the Hawai‘i Top 250 to a range of offshore companies working in Hawai‘i.

Info Grafik's offices are on the second floor of its own historic building in Honolulu's newly hip Chinatown. State of the art electronic design workstations and network reflect our commitment to providing the best available tools to the creative staff and, therefore, the best possible solutions for Info Grafik's clients. The firm's library of over 2,000 books and a digital database of 11,000+ images provide a unique and valuable in-house resource for creating and telling compelling stories for our clients.

Community Service

Info Grafik is active in the community, providing pro bono services for a wide array of non-profit organizations whose contributions are so crucial for sustaining this miracle called "Hawai‘i."

In 2004, after 5 years of work, Info Grafik published HawaiiHistory.org, the largest and most comprehensive site of its kind on the web. Info Grafik provided 100% of the funding and did the research, design, writing and application development for the site.

Info Grafik's clients range from the Hawai‘i Top 250 to a range of offshore companies working in Hawai‘i