The Info Grafik Advantage

More than any other modern consultancy in Hawaii, Info Grafik can lay rightful claim to having consistently developed provocative, thoughtful, distinct and enduring brand identities for Hawai‘i companies. Our clients range from the smallest to the largest businesses in the state, but they share one common thread: a mission-critical need for a Hawaiian-style brand identity that provides a strong business advantage.

What are we known for, what do we do best?

We are best known for our comprehensive, innovative and effective Hawaiian-style branding. We are also well known for our capacity to sort out complex problems and provide a clear and efficient message that converts communication problems into effective business solutions. At a more mundane level we are well known for the varied awards we have been accorded by our peers.

What services do we offer?

We are comfortable and effective working in a wide range of media to accomplish designated goals. As the enclosed work and client list demonstrate, we can handle anything: from logo to package design, retail or restaurant identity systems, to internet sites. And we can make sure that there is a consistent promise and personality demonstrated in whatever the particular execution demands.

The Info Grafik advantage Is based on a promise.

Good brands are like good people. As you come to know them you expect and trust them to behave consistently within the bounds of their personality, values and talents. Since you don't know Info Grafik well enough to understand, to trust, and hopefully to appreciate our attributes, we thought we could help by clearly stating the promise that Info Grafik delivers.

We promise to produce a distinct and appropriate Hawai‘i brand identity that establishes a clear and strategic business advantage.

The principle and staff of Info Grafik are dedicated to the creation of a distinct and appropriate Hawai`i brand identity that will establish a clear and strategic business advantage.