Visual Identities

Main Identity and promotional logo for Canoe Clothing Company, a hip tropical men's clothing store.

Promotional logo series designed to reiterate Local Motion's position as "the" authentic source of Hawaiian beachwear and surfing products. Theses four images, tracing the evolution of surfing, were applied to everything from key chains and posters to surfboards and clothing.

A fun, casual restaurant with Big Island theme

A friendly hang out and music venue

A fine dining establishment with a glorious sunset view

Le Petit Bakery, French bread & pastries

A classic Korean restaurant at an upscale resort in Korea

An apres ski cafe at an upscale Korean resort

Primary identity and individual product logos for a popcorn + candy store with a campy space age theme.

The People Store
An American-themed grocery store in Korea
Tropical Dreams
A rich, creamy Big Island ice cream

Paradise Fams
Gourmet chocolates flavored
with Hawaiian fruits + coffee
Maui Style
A locally made Frito Lay
product geared to visitors + residents

Honolulu Theatre for Youth
Honolulu Theatre for Youth
The Wild Baby
A comedy about a lovable,
feisty, mischievous baby

A children's play about
a crocodile who mimes
Operation Elvis
The story of a boy who frees himself
from an Elvis obsession

Masthead of the newsletter for
an eclectic local theatre
Pirates f Penzanc
Pirates f Penzance, a musical tale
of pirates having fun