Frito Lay of Hawaii

Chipping away
at market share

Frito Lay's well known Maui Style Potato Chip brand was losing market share to a new competitor with a more contemporary appeal. The competitor also used newer foil packaging that hid the oily potato chip residue. Frito Lay's old window package once a sign of authenticity was now a sign of clogged arteries.

Our assignment was to create a new brand personality that was younger, livelier, healthier and fresher. It needed to appeal to locals, but also needed to grab the eye of the visitor market.

Frito Lay of Hawaii
The package that
walked in our door.

Frito Lay of Hawaii

Re-inventing the Brand Image

The potato chip is a commodity item that relies on packaging and advertising to create perceived differences and establish brand loyalty. In this case, advertising support would be negligible. Responsibility for building the brand image would rest entirely on the packaging.

After an audit of local and national packaging strategies, we explored a wide variety of illustration and design styles before settling on this unique look.

Frito Lay of Hawaii

A fun bag with a fun story

Typical promotional copy would have been inconsistent on such an unusual bag. The copy on the back reinforces the lively, irreverent personality expressed in the design while driving home the quality and freshness guarantee. The Kiawe Bar-B-Q story starts off like this:

"Howzit, potato chip devo-tees! If you like our Original MAUI STYLE Potato Chips, you'll love them with the classic flavor of smoked KIAWE wood and our BBQ seasoning. For this flavor we only use the Exclusive Maui Paniolo Potato, the kind that likes to dress up like a cowboy and ride around roping cattle. Chee, hard fo' catch....... Nah, only kidding. Our ingredients are fresh, but they're not moving!"

Frito Lay of Hawaii
Point of sale promotion
We created a lively shelf talker contrasting photos of the old and new packaging to help consumers understand the evolution of the brand.