Kimo Bean Coffee Company

Kimo Bean Coffee Company Kimo Bean's signature character had established a lively and irreverent look needed to be extended. In keeping with the original character's personality, we created two new characters, a whale for Maui coffee and a cat for Kauai coffee.

Extend the brand and broaden the line of merchandise.
Kimo Bean, one of the breed of nouvelle coffee shops, had an established look that they wished to extend into new flavors of coffee and new merchandising opportunities.

Taking off from the signature Kimo Bean surfer, we developed two new lively characters in the same style for the Maui and Kauai coffees. Along with the coffee bags, the new characters were adapted and applied to an increasing range of branded goods.

Kimo Bean Coffee Company Mug

To help promote the Maui coffee we designed a driver's cup which featured the Maui whale and merry band of his caffeine-sipping undersea companions.

Kimo Bean Coffee Company Mug

The Kimo Bean Coffee shops are located in resort hotels which offer a golden opportunity to sell a broad line of souvenir merchandise. Shown here are refrigerator magnets and a keychain. Not shown are the baseball caps, t-shirts and other typical branded ephemera.